In 1998, joined Campus Crusade for Christ, our Senior Pastors Arun Kumar passion for the local church began. He became deeply involved in a new, start-up church in Elavour by 2000.

Elavur Bazzar Church: While he was operating a successful ministry first church establishment in Elavur Bazzar with few members in rental thudched shed and opened new innovated church upstairs of his house by 2003.

Elavur Village Church: In 2005, He started to establish churches in Elavour Village which is his own village started a morning service in his own house. The Elavur village has population of 5390 of which 2788 are males while 2602 are females as per Population Census 2011. We are reaching continually this village family in Christ out of 1452 families are totally calculated. Pray for the people economic development, cultural transformation to generate successful ministry to reach the destiny.